Practice for free and play roulette online at the best casinos

Roulette is a game originating in Europe, it has been hugely popular in Europe for this reason. But casinos in the United States also have adopted this game, and have made it immensely popular worldwide. American roulette has become a second roulette variant of the game. However, the American Roulette is also infamous for some gamblers because of a better house advantage. But this game is highly entertaining and once you play roulette online, you will find yourself immersed in the American kind of action.  But before you try your hands on real money roulette table, find some time to practice on roulette wheel free.

Rules and basics of the game

The main objective of the රූලිතය game is that a player has to wager on the correct number of the specific pocket where the ball will end up spinning. On American Roulette tables, there are 38 sections. The initial 36 pockets are given the numbers from 1 to 36. The two additional pockets are numbered 00 and 0. The size of all the pockets remains same, so the probability of the ball landing in any pocket is equal. The pockets numbered 1-36 are colored using black and red and the 0 pockets are colored in green.

A player has the option to make any number of bets before the wheel starts spinning, and there are a lot of possible betting combinations that they can wager on. A player can also choose to bet on a single pocket. If you play roulette online at a live casino, you can play alongside many other players. There are majorly 2 betting options which are called outside bets and inside bets. Most of the bets fall in the outside bets category and only a few are inside bets.

If you play roulette online at a European table, then it might be uncomfortable for you to try out the American variant as it has one additional 0 on the wheel. This is not a good thing for the players, as it increases the house advantage significantly. The payouts are nearly similar for both the tables, but the European variant has a more mathematically accurate design for payout distribution. Introduction of one more pocket increases the house advantage of the American roulette to 5.26% whereas the house advantage is only 2.70 in the European variant.

Some of the europeisk roulette versions also offer the player the money back in case the ball hits the pocket 0. There even are some minor rule changes and betting combinations which might make the payout of the European roulette better than its American variant.

So try out some American style roulette wheel free before deciding to go for real money play and learn everything on live roulette.