Roulette Odds

Odds of American Roulette

In American version of roulette wheel, you can find 36 numbers along with single zero and double zero. So in this version, you will have 38 spaces for the ball to land. To be more precise, if you place a single number bet, then you will have 1/38 chance to win the game which means that you have one chance of winning in each 38 spins. Given below are the probabilities for the possible results:

You have to keep in mind that above mentioned odd are of American version of roulette. European roulette is better for the player as it does not consist of double zero.

Probabilities of European Roulette

No double zero pocket is available in the European version which provides an advantage to you. You will have more chance to win the game in European version. For instance, in European roulette whenever you place a bet of $1, you have a chance of getting back 97.37 cents (Since you have to give the house edge of 2.63%, you will get $1-2.63 cents). In American roulette, you will get just 94.74cents.

You have to memorize these tables before playing any version of the roulette so that you can place the bet on the table accordingly.