Roulette is a casino game played using a Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is divided in slotted numbers of 37 or 38 which depends up versions of the game such as European or American. The roulette wheel spin on the axis and is fixed in the bowl. The colors of the numbers from 1-36 are black or red and green is the color used of single zero and double zero. The dealer of the game is otherwise known as the croupier who spins the roulette wheel in a direction and the small ball will be rolled in an opposite direct to the wheel.

When the spinning speed of the ball decreases, you cannot place any more bets as the ball gradually fall in a numbered slot. If the number of the slot in which the ball fell and the bet you made matches, then you will win the bet. You can learn the different kinds of bets available with the game and the payouts for each bet from the casino website. But you have to keep in mind that most of the bets have similar house edge.

Bets Types

Several types of bets are available at the table and most them can be explained from the name itself such as odd or even or black or red. Before you start the game, you have to buy chip to play from the dealer and the chips for roulette are entirely different from other chips of the casino. Every gambler will get a different colored chip so that the dealer can understand that who has won after each spin.

The value of a certain colored chip will be different at any time as the value depends up on the purchase of the player. You will not get money by surrendering the roulette chip s because of this reason. Before going away from the table, you should ask for the cash for the roulette chips. If you won't ask for the cash, then you will get the lowest amount for your chips. Dealer cannot remember the number each player has, once the players stop playing. So have to take the cash with before leaving the roulette table.

The player can place the bets until the dealer says that, 'No more bets'. The bet placed after this announcement is considered as past posting which is not legal. Placing bet after the result is known as past posting which is identified as cheating and illegal. The dealer will put the marker on the winning number after deciding the spin result. The marker is placed on the chips by the dealer after deciding the result of spin. Before paying the winning bets, all the bets lost will be removed from the table. First of all, payment of outside bets will be done and then the inside bets. Never place a bet before the croupier finish paying off the winning bets.