Microgaming is one of the leaders among the online software providers. The company has been providing software for more than a decade for online casinos and the best among the software providers. The online casinos that are powered by Microgaming consist of original online roulette games to download. But some of them are restored and had undergone a complete change. Through Gold Series games, you can find the new versions of the classic roulette which are coming with improved sound effects, graphics and player friendly and smooth games to play.

You can find all the games of roulette on most of the Microgaming casinos and the venue is Gaming Club. They offer both flash version and downloadable version to the gamblers. Casinos prefer Microgaming software because it provides visually perfect games to the gamblers. You can see that the ball move around the roulette wheel as well as the ball falling in to the winning slot.

Following are the various games of roulette found at casinos powered by Microgaming software:

Roulette Royale

This is a progressive game which offers huge amount of money to the players. In order to play a progressive game, you have to spin the wheel five times successively for same number. It is rare to win but in case you win, then you will be getting huge amount credited in to your bank account.

French Roulette

This software offers French Roulette which has two versions, improved Gold Series roulette game and classic game. It is recommended to play the Gold Series game as it will provide you with the best experience.

American Roulette

American version of the roulette is played minimum number of time in Microgaming roulette because of it double zero and the higher house edge.

European Roulette

European roulette is the most popular among the roulette games and it has all the regular betting options with excellent graphics.

Click the mouse on a simple point of the layout by placing the chips. The chips value can be adjusted from one credit. Five credits, twenty five credits or fifty credits. Various table maximums are offered by different casinos of Microgaming. So it is better to check out each casino before joining any of the Microgaming casinos. Ensure that the bonus received by the Microgaming casino can be used for a roulette game before joining the casino because some casinos will not allow you to the bonus provided by them to play any of the variants of the roulette game.